Ahsan uz zaman

Over the course of three years, I have held the position of Senior PHP Developer, contributing to Quanta Mind’s success. During my tenure, I have observed a management team that consistently demonstrates genuine support for its employees, substantiating their claim of prioritizing the welfare of their staff. The work environment fosters a combination of flexibility and professionalism, resulting in a rewarding experience collaborating with highly skilled team members.


Quanta Mind, Ahsan Najam
Rameen Ali

I love and enjoy my job because it lets me work according to my interest. I feel valued appreciated. The thing that I like most about Quanta Mind is the variety of work, flexible work hours, relaxed and productive atmosphere and supportive company that realizes that people are the most important assets.

Rameen Ali, Quanta Mind
I have been working as a mobile application developer in the software industry for about more than nine years. In my career I have been aligned on different projects serving wide range of users either onsite or offshore. Working in Quanta Mind is just like working in a fast growing and emerging company but with positivity in every aspect. What I appreciate about the company is that we have our daily goals defined for which we work proactively and efficiently that makes it easy for us to achieve milestones together with a highly qualified team and management.
Muhammad Shiraz, Quanta Mind
Bushra Javed Iqbal

I am a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Quanta Mind. I am passionate about my work and the creative freedom that I have experienced while working here helps me to grow personally and professionally. The management gives us the space to be independent decision makers and to continuously learn and evolve.

Bushra Javed Iqbal, Quanta Mind
Saman Hamid

Some wise man just wondered, what’s the need of all this information? Do we really need to know the 0.000001 percent of new symptoms of Corona? Yes, for those in the distant future this distraught rant comes from the time when the second wave was about to hit Pakistan in unison with the first one akin to a tsunami. These are crazy times I believe that in a not so far away future there will be a limit to the amount of “information” available out there. What do we do really? One of the positives that have come a little in the spotlight over this span of time is the concept of “healing” “preservation”. People want to be a bit more spiritual and this is where Quanta Mind comes in. It is the lifeboat in this storm that is quite simply leading us more paranoid than ever. Focus on mind and the soul, my experience was one of a kind with Quanta Mind and I feel that we are all part of a huge amazing family.

Saman Hamid, Quanta Mind

Quanta Mind is expanding and we are looking for creative people to work with us. We are curious, driven, compassionate, friendly, independent, collaborative, communicative, supportive, ethical and self-motivated individuals. In our organization, you will find self-confident team members who work independently and embrace new ideas. We always look at the bigger picture.

If you feel you can add value to our company by upholding our work values and can fit into our company culture, then join us and we will make sure to be partners in your career growth.

Ready to join our Team?

Working at Quanta Mind is much more than just a job. You will be working with a team of professionals with an experience of working on wide variety of projects across a range of industries. You will be a part of an exciting team where committed, dedicated, inspiring and driven individuals have come together. Each individual brings something special to create a friendly and diverse atmosphere in the team.

Our Expectations

  • Display a positive and respectful attitude.
  • Work with honesty and integrity
  • Be accountable for their work.
  • Have an ethical and respectful conduct.
  • Show dedication towards their personal and company’s goals.
  • Work with professionalism
  • Be willing to help each other and build each other up as a team instead of displaying an “it’s not my job” attitude.
  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Work safely together.
  • Be open to constructive feedback without being defensive or negative.
  • Be self-motivated and reliable.
  • Share ideas for improvement.
  • Be cheerful, positive and encouraging to other team members.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Proper training, support and leadership
  • Safe and healthy working environments with flexibility
  • Full disclosure and explanation of the job responsibilities, company policies and procedures
  • Regular feedback on performance from supervisors or managers
  • Access to the resources employees need to perform their work tasks efficiently and properly
  • Fair and consistent communication and application of policies (e.g., performance, discipline, conduct) across the team
  • Credit and acknowledgment achievements
  • Interesting work that expands your horizon
  • An environment full that values creativity, diversity of thought and life experiences.
  • Balance in personal and professional life

Write this line at the end of the page: To be added to our resource database, please send your CV at careers@quantamind.net