Our Story


Passion to create a transformed relationship with work where every day feels like growth and inspirational.

A full moon! Yes! A full moon, it has a very strange effect on the seas. And you know since we are mostly water we are also effected by the full moon. One feels agitated, angry, frustrated and many other synonyms for the same terms.

UNFORTUNATELY, As fate, lunar’s fate had it, there was no such thing, moon’s repute became pristine again. The moon DOES NOT do anything and whatever you are feeling at work is literally NOT due to the universe. But one thing stuck around and led us to a great debate in the summer of 2019. The question was very simple, how to be happy? Happy at home, happy at work, happy with life in general.

When our group sat together, we simply wanted to do everything in a dynamic way. Wherever you were a professional in some office or at home we wanted to create work-life harmony. We wanted the picture perfect life, for everyone success and happiness in everything. Success being a fluid concept directly related to happiness.

In other words, we wanted for our clients a perpetual circle of happiness and fulfillment, where every day is filled with growth and inspiration.

Here is the best part: We LOOKED at this whole equation a little differently. Our debate, yes the great summer one that took us to the power of the mind. One of us is a little too much into quantum energy. We talked about the individuals and their collective woes, the organization for which they worked for. Eureka!!!!! Quanta Mind exploded into conception.

We live in One world

We Live In “One” World

We live in “One” world and finally, Hanna-Barbera creators of the Jetsons can breathe a sigh of relief as we will soon have cellular technology built into our systems, with smartphones, smart refrigerators. It’s all quick and requires awareness, acceptance and adaptability. The factor which is more important though is not to completely lose yourself.

We are the modern

Your Partner

We are the modern, self- confident, independent thinkers, risk taker, reliable, wise and spiritual enthusiastic individuals with a good sense of humor, a partner you can turn to for anything. We will hold your hand to take a leap and ride the roller coaster of life. But what we want is for you to experience this ride forever.

We are the bridge

We Are The Bridge

We are the bridge that will make people realize how important holistic wellness is to function and perform and grow. We have the latest solutions for all kinds of problems. The go-to friend for anything. In the process we plan to open new doors, new dimensions of life but this time not literally.