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Uncovering the Hidden Link: How Ancestral Beliefs Shape Our Professional Paths

As corporate professionals, we find ourselves carrying the legacy of our ancestors—both their strengths and their struggles. Our ancestors developed certain patterns and beliefs that were crucial for their survival in their time. However, it is essential for us to ask ourselves: Why are we still carrying these limiting ancestral beliefs and patterns today? [...]

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Find Balance and Wellness with Holistic Healing

As a practitioner of holistic healing techniques (Mindfulness and ThetaHealing), I have encountered numerous questions over the years. In order to share my knowledge and experience with a wider audience, I have written a 3-part series of blog posts addressing these common questions. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting your journey, [...]

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The Future of AI: The Perfect Influencer?

Saman Hamid writes about the future of AI as the perfect influencer. It would never get tired, it would never fall asleep. It would always say the right thing in interviews and be able to recite rousing endorsements for adoring fans. The year was 2002, Halle Berry won the Oscar, Lord of the [...]

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From Algorithm to Alliance: A Mentoring Journey and Friendship Born from AI Matching

The author Sana Naseem[1] talks about her mentoring journey as a Business Mentor (Alumni) with the Cherie Blair Foundation’s Programme- Mentoring Women in Business. This blog also explores how Artificial Intelligence (AI) brought two individuals from different backgrounds together on a learning journey that not only resulted in valuable professional development but also a [...]

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Mysterious Ways of Water

In this blog, we will explore the mysterious ways of water, how it stores and transmits information. After reading the blog, next time when you take a sip of water, consider the incredible potential it holds, and the many ways in which it may be able to enhance your life. Water may be more [...]

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The Emotionally Charged Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the world where Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly and gradually becoming an important part of our life, Saman Hamid wonders if it can learn accurate human emotions through deep learning. Not so long ago, we lived in a very different world. A world where Terminator was relevant as a movie but in reality, [...]

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Conversations that Bring Change

I am truly honored to be one of the speakers at the Healathon event this year hosted by fellow ThetaHealers Sharon Wacks and Marie Miller. As the global pandemic continues to bring challenges and complexity, it has also sparked a shared sense of "we’re all in this together" — supporting people around the world to [...]

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Creating Safe Spaces

On #WorldMentalHealthDay let’s talk about creating safe spaces online for ourselves and the people around us.The Oxford Dictionary defines a safe space as “a place or environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment or any other emotional or physical harm.” (Oxford Dictionary). In other [...]

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How to Sleep Better

In today’s fast paced life, many people follow the mindset that “Sleep is for the dead only”. They believe in the philosophy of “doing” rather than “being”. Most of us think of sleep as a “waste of time”. Let's talk about importance of sleep and strategies to improve sleep. It is important to recognize that [...]

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