In his book Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation, Dan Siegel describes nine benefits to the brain and nervous system that can result through the practice of Mindfulness Meditation :

  • Gaining Awareness of our morals
  • Achieving Heightened Intuition
  • Cultivating more understanding
  • Being flexible in our responses
  • Regulating the body
  • Creating Empathy
  • Attuning to others
  • Soothing fears
  • Balancing Emotions

There are a lot of benefits of establishing a consistent practice in daily life. With consistent practice, we can become more aware of our habitual patterns that are not supportive of our well-being. It is an open invitation to be more aware of our experiences in the present moment.

With awareness comes mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity. As a result of this clarity, we realize that, in life, we always have different options available to us that we can choose from and respond with a sense of confidence and happiness.