27th December 2022, 8:00 AM EST

Break Your Upper Limit for Receiving Abundance

When it comes to money, we sometimes attach feelings of shame and embarrassment to it.

We follow the societal conditioning- we are NOT SUPPOSED to talk about money as it is not classy.

We cannot admit if we need more money and FEEL ASHAMED if we don’t have it.

No body teaches us anything about how to create more with joy.
Yet the fact is:

In this world, almost everything requires MONEY.

It is time to eliminate the behaviors that stop the flow of money and allow things to always go well in your life.

If you can dream it, you can live it.

In this 2-hour interactive Masterclass, you will learn strategies to uncover your hidden financial blocks and change the settings of Inner Thermostat that determines how much success, wealth and abundance you allow yourself to enjoy.

Based on these findings you can set your Money goals for 2023!

Personal Investment: $44 (You will be charged in PKR currency, the amount is equal to $44)

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Home maker, Coach, Healer or a Corporate employee

Making Money can be EASY and FUN.

In this Masterclass, I will show you how to work with the subconscious belief system to make more money than you can think of!

Personal Investment: $44

(You will be charged in PKR currency, the amount is equal to $44)

By using ThetaHealing Meditation, belief work and energetic upgrade through downloads, you will unlock the abundance codes in every cell of your body. You will receive practical action steps to change your relationship to financial abundance.
Our financial abundance mindset can be influenced by several factors.
⦁ The way our ancestors/parents dealt with money
⦁ Our History level beliefs,
⦁ Past experiences,
⦁ Messages from the media,
⦁ Societal Conditioning or
⦁ Traumatic events in our life can influence the way we think about our finances.

For example, if we see our parents fight about money when we are younger, we may form the subconscious belief that money is the root of all evil. Therefore, we may subconsciously ‘reject’ money by making poor financial decisions or feeling that we are not worth it.

We love money, hate money, obsess over money, ignore money, resent money, hoard money, crave money.
If you, like most people, have a conflicted relationship with money then this Masterclass is designed JUST FOR YOU!
The best part is – you have the ability to heal this relationship, transform it, and co-create a life in which you become a Money Magnet.
You can start making this change right now. All you need to do is to work on your money mindset, let go of what is holding you back, and make new, powerful choices about what you focus on.

This masterclass, which is carefully priced at ONLY USD 44 will help you do what you need, to break the barrier of UPPER LIMIT.
For every single result I have ever wanted, I took the decision, told myself- I am doing this right now and gathered all the help that I needed to get the desired results.
It is simple:

You will make money, when you decide to make money. 

People who are making money, are making money because they DECIDED to work on themselves, innovate, shake things up, and make it happen. They decided to make money, no matter what.

Just like other beliefs, our money beliefs also get programmed in early childhood. And once we turn those programs into beliefs, our Upper limit stops us from enjoying abundance, wealth and more money!
Experiencing money as something ‘negative’ as a child can manifest itself in many different ways throughout our lifetime. The GOOD NEWS IS You can HEAL this pattern. It can be a long process but the end result is worth the effort.

This Masterclass is for you if:

  • You believe it is hard to make money.
  • You always play it safe and small.
  • There is a belief that having more money will lead to loneliness.
  • You know you can make more money but you feel stuck and lost.
  • You feel guilt over your personal finances, or spending habits.
  • You feel uncomfortable or unable express your financial needs and frustrations with your friends and family.
  • You feel that “money is the root of all evil”.
  • You do not believe that you have the right to financial abundance.
  • There is a feeling that no matter what you do, it is never going to be enough.
  •  You believe you are not worthy of having more money.
  • You feel asking for money will turn you into an ungrateful person.
  • You are ready to dig deep into your own belief system and patterns without any judgements.

You cannot manifest with blocks, and you cannot thrive when you have huge debt. When you commit to participating in this 2-Hour Masterclass, you will release your negative association with wealth and start building your money-filled future with ease.
I’ve created a special Masterclass for you that will teach you how to SPEED-UP the process of attracting more wealth into your life starting NOW.
During the 2-hour Masterclass conducted LIVE via Zoom, I’ll guide you through the exact same steps I followed to identify and release my hidden energy blocks around money using a spiritual meditation technique called ThetaHealing.


The MONEY YOU DESIRE is here for you

The Masterclass includes:
⦁ Theta brain wave activation through a guided ThetaHealing meditation.
⦁ My personal Step by step process to break the upper limit barrier so that money comes to you with ease and love.
⦁ Uncovering your limiting beliefs that blocks you from financial abundance.
⦁ Break out room interaction
⦁ Plenty of Downloads for energetic upgrade of your Money Mindset.
⦁ Creating your Money Statement and Check.
⦁ Activating Money Statement.
⦁ Guided Manifestation for a Money Magnet Mindset.
⦁ Q/A session
⦁ Access to the Recording of the Masterclass (If needed, then there will be few edits to protect the privacy of the participants)
⦁ Bonus for Masterclass participants.

48-Hour before the LIVE Masterclass, you will receive:

⦁ Zoom Link to access the Masterclass
⦁ Worksheets having guidance on how to do the work.
⦁ Future Check Template.

Get Access to All of this in JUST $44

(You will be charged in PKR currency, the amount is equal to $44)

Magnetize yourself to live the life you want.

For change to be long lasting, something must shift on the INSIDE. In order to start seeing money results in your life, you have to start vibrating at a frequency which is different than the ONE YOU have right now. Change your internal energy to attract NEW POSSIBILITIES.

Live Masterclass on 27th December 2022,
8:00 AM EST,
1:00PM London,
4:00 PM Turkey,
9:00 PM China/Taiwan and
6:00 PM Pakistan Time

Are you willing to invest in your future?

About the facilitator:

Sana Naseem is the CEO of Quanta Mind, a technology and wellness company. She is a Trained Mindfulness Educator (Mindful Schools USA) and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (in-training) from Greater Good Science Center, University of Berkley USA. Sana is a licensed ThetaHealing Specialist from THInK USA; Suicide First Aid Responder in Pakistan; Trained in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling from CPPD London (Karachi Chapter); and Business Mentor with Cherie Blair Program for Women in Business. She holds an MBA in Marketing.
Over the past decade, Sana has created training and consulting sessions tailored to the needs of people, using a variety of wellness tools appropriate to their needs. Through her teaching and consultations, Sana has assisted people globally in focusing on identifying and taking a closer look at life patterns and blocks, to overcome the challenges in their lives. She has guided people in establishing synergies between business, home/family, community, and personal well-being by drawing on her more than ten years of entrepreneurial and self-transformation experience. She has provided life coaching to early-career professionals and young entrepreneurs. Sana believes in co-designing wellness and personal transformation journeys to improve the quality of life.
In this Masterclass, Sana will give you step by step guidance to do the practical work and release the blocks that are stopping you from the MONEY that is yours!
Sana is a huge advocate of continuous education; it doesn’t matter whether you are new to ThetaHealing technique, thinking about taking this path or you have an extensive experience. One should always learn and grow. In this fast-paced world there are new trends, technologies and practices and it is our responsibility to keep up to date, for our personal transformation and development.

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Live Masterclass on 27th December 2022, 8:00 AM EST, 1:00PM London, 4:00 PM Turkey, 9:00 PM China/Taiwan and 6:00 PM Pakistan Time