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Investment: USD 111 (Payment via Credit/Debit cards will be charged in PKR currency at the set conversion rate)

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please write to us at mindbodyspirit@quantamind.net and let’s create a plan suitable for your needs.

Transform your life and gain a greater sense of peace and clarity through mindfulness. Learn how to be present in the moment and learn to embrace all your feelings. Experience the benefits of mindfulness in your daily life with personalized guidance and support.

In a 90-minute session give yourself the opportunity to witness what is true in the present moment, embrace your existence with open heart and train your heart and mind to be kind. 





Learn to use Mindfulness and Meditation in daily life through our Online Mindfulness Consultation. 

Have you ever thought about what is the biggest tragedy of life? Perhaps the biggest tragedy is that our freedom and independence is possible yet we live our life and pass our years trapped in the same old patterns and beliefs. We become so familiar with keeping ourselves in a cage that it makes us incapable of accessing freedom, peace and happiness.

To move out of this familiar cage set-up that gives us comfort on some levels, we must start by embracing our moment-to-moment experiences. It is a step-by-step process in which we uncover the layers. As we uncover, we move beyond our walls of protection that we have built based on self-judgement, anxiety, dissatisfaction, anger, and/or hatred. 

Learn how to be mindful, be present in the moment and gain a greater sense of peace, and clarity by re-writing the story of our life. 

In a 90- Minutes online session (85-minutes Mindfulness Session – 5 minutes of Q&A with your facilitator) you will:

  • Learn what Mindfulness is,
  • Find out how you can manage the way your body deals with stress, anxiety, pain through body scan,
  • How you can learn to be with your emotions in a smooth and effective way,
  • Get started with Mindfulness skills that you can implement everyday right after your first session,
  • Experience the power of Mindfulness Meditation

The benefits of bringing mindfulness into both work and life are increasingly being recognized, and research is supporting the benefits. Through Mindfulness, it is easier to stop the war that we have declared against ourselves and relate more to our lives and embrace it with compassion.


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When Can I book the Hour for Mindfulness Consultation and What’s Available?

When you make the payment, you will receive the available days and time slots. You can choose a time that works for you. Along with this, you have the option to send us an email with special request for time that suits you.



The Payments for our Online Mindfulness Consultations are paid prior to the scheduled session. All Online sessions will take place online via Zoom platform.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-business hour cancellation policy. This means you can reschedule or cancel your appointment online up to 24 business hours prior to your current schedule. If you fail to cancel in less than 24 business hours, you will be NOT be refunded or given the opportunity to re-schedule the same appointment. However, you are welcome to book another appointment with us anytime you want.


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