Quanta Mind Holistic Wellness/Healing Testimonials

Quanta Mind Holistic Wellness/Healing Testimonials

Here you can read client testimonials about our Wellness sessions. We are always grateful to all our clients for their kind words. These client testimonials are always an energy booster for us

Thank you to my healer Sana!! Went above and beyond, and so incredibly kind and warm. Thank you so much!! Bless you with all the good things in life!

Ms.Valdez, Philippines, Feedback via Virtual Healing Clinic

Thank you, Sana for our session! We got clear on my question, I felt safe and accepted. What was important to me, is your patience ? You are master ☀️? Keep doing this. I’m very glad to know you.

Valerija Homcenko, Latvia, via Facebook

A session with Sana was absolutely a blessing! ♥️ I have experience from having sessions and I knew that I challenged her as a patient with all the combined thoughts/emotions/issues coming up that I was expressing and SHE COULD REALLY FOLLOW. ? Kind, intuitive, lovely calming voice, trustworthy, amazing healer! I, TOTALLY, suggest you have a session with her for ANYTHING that you want to work on! Namaste, Sana ? I’m grateful ?

Alexandros Dapergolas, Greece, via Facebook

I have known Sana for around 2 decades and I have closely seen her growth into a truly optimistic, grateful person who is in complete harmony with her inner self. She is an exemplary person who walks the talk and is therefore my go to person for all things “self improvement” and change for better.
She has taught me to practice meditation and mindfulness in my day to day routine tasks and I can safely say the experience has turned me into a better person. Her ‘No Judgement’, empathetic listening makes you confident to pour out your concerns, enabling you to find solutions to your problems all by yourself; and yet she is there to guide you all along. I highly recommend her services to everyone so that they can be a better version of themselves.

Ms.Jamshed, Jeddah , via Facebook

I booked a session to work on my allergies as I have suffered from this for years without being able to identify the source. It was my first experience with alternative therapy. I didn’t know what to expect during my first session but the healer immediately put me at ease by explaining the process and starting with a calming meditation. During the session, I was surprised to know that some of my own beliefs have been creating the allergies and they were really holding me back in certain areas of my life. By the end I felt energized, and I felt lightness in my body. The session had a very powerful effect on me. I HIGHLY recommend the experience!

Ms.Zamir, San Francisco, via Facebook

It was a very soothing session for me. I started off with anxieties and apprehensions but the complete experience left me very peaceful. I was able to make connections why things were happening and what effect they were causing which gave me a deep sense of understand myself in the current situation. My heart felt lighter and a certain amount of composure was felt inside me. Overall the experience was definitely fruitful.

Mrs.Tejani, Teacher, Karachi, via Facebook

Thank you Sana for such beautiful healing. I slept peacefully last night. Now it seems that I cleared a major chunk of resentment from my life during the session.

Client Feedback, Canada, via WhatsApp

After our session, potential buyers reappeared asking how everything is going to be managed due to covid-19. I feel after our belief sessions, I have started manifesting things in my life the way I always wanted to.

Client Feedback, Sharjah, via WhatsApp

I am the admin of a group named as “Asian moms – UK based”. A few months back, after reading one of the posts on Facebook, I contacted Sana to speak to the members of my group on a topic that will be beneficial for them. She accepted my invitation and together we chose the topic for her LIVE talk. She kept me in loop through out the planning phase and I loved the way she kept everything well organized before time. Her talk on Holistic Parenting was well received in my FB group, she delivered crisp content and gave everyone actionable advice that can be easily implemented. I feel that in one hour she gave a valuable message to all the moms which was focused on the importance of self-care, healing and its role in being not only excellent but an ideal parent for our children. Through her session, I, too learned some valuable holistic parenting tips and tricks and I implement them daily in my life. Thank you Sana for your time and for your valuable contribution to my group. Highly appreciated and recommended.

Rubina Samad, UK, via Facebook