ThetaHealing Power and Infinity Package


USD 2349 (Payment via 3D secure Credit/Debit cards will be charged in PKR currency at the set conversion rate)


Total 810 Minutes of Intense, Deep Digging spread over 9 sessions (90 minutes each) with special focus on empowering you using ThetaHealing® Technique.

ThetaHealing teaches us how to tap into the infinite intelligence to access our inner power and create the reality that we desire. It is a powerful modality that can help us overcome limiting beliefs and achieve our goals.

Please see Description and Cancellation Policy below




ThetaHealing Power and Infinity Package is for individuals who understand that accessing the unlimited and boundless energy of the universe to heal themselves requires commitment, dedication and strength. Healing is an on going journey. When we realize that everything is connected and we can tap into the source of all creation and manifestation by shifting our inner beliefs then we see our own worth.

You will find this package perfect for your needs If you are:

  • not afraid of meeting your authentic self.
  • worthy of instant healings and there is no quick fix.
  • ready to move from blame mindset to accountability.
  • motivated, dedicated and excited to see your own potential.
  • wise enough to take actions for your personal development.

In 810- minutes ThetaHealing® personal consultation sessions (9 sessions of 90 minutes each), you will go deep within to challenge the survival self and the stories it has created for you. Let’s reassess the narrative of life with compassion and work on co-creating the life that is worth living.

We all have the power to co-create our reality and manifest our desires . This power comes from the infinite field of energy that surrounds us, which is also known as the infinite intelligence . The infinite intelligence is the source of all creation and is present in every living being. We can tap into this infinite source of energy to co-create the reality that we desire. By connecting to the infinite intelligence in healing, we can access infinite knowledge, wisdom, and creativity.

Schedule a session with ThetaHealing® Specialist Sana Naseem, when you feel you are ready to get up-close and personal with yourself, raise your body frequency through correct thinking and are ready to increase the vibrational energy around your energetic field.

Reconnect with energy and transform your limited patterns to realize your full potential of your life.

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When Can I book for ThetaHealing Consultation and What’s Available?

When you make the payment, you will receive a link to our calendar to choose your time slot.


The Payments for our Online ThetaHealing® Personal Consultations are paid prior to the scheduled session. All Online sessions will take place online via Zoom platform.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-business hour cancellation policy. This means you can reschedule or cancel your appointment online up to 24 business hours prior to your current schedule. If you fail to cancel in less than 24 business hours, you will be NOT be refunded or given the opportunity to re-schedule the same appointment. However, you are welcome to book another appointment with us anytime you want.

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