Conversations that Bring Change

I am truly honored to be one of the speakers at the Healathon event this year hosted by fellow ThetaHealers Sharon Wacks and Marie Miller. As the global pandemic continues to bring challenges and complexity, it has also sparked a shared sense of "we’re all in this together" — supporting people around the world to [...]

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Parenting in a Pandemic

In the age when there is an overload of information, it is important to make sure what children hear about Corona Virus(covid-19) is in fact reliable and the sources are dependable. In this blog, the author has talked about her experience of parenting in a pandemic (COVID-19) and has given tips to parents that has [...]

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How to Sleep Better

In today’s fast paced life, many people follow the mindset that “Sleep is for the dead only”. They believe in the philosophy of “doing” rather than “being”. Most of us think of sleep as a “waste of time”. Let's talk about importance of sleep and strategies to improve sleep. It is important to recognize that [...]

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Surviving Tough Times

"My thoughts started to wander. What difference would it have made to my city and its people knowing that some compassionate individuals were praying for us and sending us energy full of love and warmth even though they are far away from us?..


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