How to Sleep Better

In today’s fast paced life, many people follow the mindset that “Sleep is for the dead only”. They believe in the philosophy of “doing” rather than “being”. Most of us think of sleep as a “waste of time”. Let's talk about importance of sleep and strategies to improve sleep. It is important to recognize that [...]

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Respecting our Self

Hello September! Today, let me tell you the story of a girl whose grandma used to bring her beautiful dolls from her travels. These dolls always came in a box with a pamphlet of new editions. The little girl used to look at the pamphlet every night, admiring the beauty of these dolls. But [...]

Surviving Tough Times

"My thoughts started to wander. What difference would it have made to my city and its people knowing that some compassionate individuals were praying for us and sending us energy full of love and warmth even though they are far away from us?..


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