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The biggest mistake we make is that we build our homes in other people. But what many don’t realize is that when you build your home in other people, you give them the power to make you homeless.

Najwa Zebian

  • Have you ever experienced feeling ‘homeless’ because you placed too much of your happiness or identity in someone else?

  • What would you do if you were given a second chance at life?
  • Would you go right back to the start and change everything?
  • Work on your regrets, reinvent your personality, do more exciting things?
  • Or would you do everything exactly the same? Perhaps you are happy with how your life has turned out even though it was difficult, and perhaps you don’t know how to break free.

Perhaps you feel there are no second chances and thus no turning back now. If you feel this way, then welcome to the world of possibilities through one of the most transformative and growing meditation technique called ThetaHealing®, that uses the theta brainwave to access the subconscious mind and create desired changes in our life.

The first level of Practitioner Certification is ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar 

“Miracles happen every day, change your perception of what a miracle is, and you will see them all around you.”

Jon Bon Jovi

Now is the moment to release the tears you’ve held back, to understand that nobody else is coming to rescue you—you have everything you need to save yourself, and to offer your inner child the love and care it lacked when it felt abandoned.

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The world that we perceive is limited by our own experiences and perception. Our perceptions are limited by our individual experiences and lives. Through these experiences, we tell ourselves stories about what the world is.

If you feel it is time to re-write your life story the way you want to, then look no further and embark on the life changing journey through ThetaHealing.

The way we see the world can be changed. This is called the process of Transformation.

Imagine what you could do, if you were given a chance to transform. To become a whole new person. A rare opportunity to have a second chance at life where you could accomplish remarkable things.

It all starts with ThetaHealing® BASIC DNA seminar. This seminar has the potential to change the way you think about everything. This seminar will show you possibilities you didn’t even know existed.

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Give yourself the freedom

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar

Give yourself the freedom to:

  • Heal emotional wounds, and release old limiting patterns in your highest and best
  • Understand that people are not inherently bad, but they can be running bad programs
  • Know that every human being is worthy of our love, compassion, and forgiveness- including yourself. This awareness alone, is the elixir that can heal our wounded hearts.
  • Open your heart to joy and appreciation

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar

Learn to take care of your Inner Weather

In even the most difficult of times, it is possible to experience more happiness and less suffering, even if nothing in your life changes on the outside.

The answer lies in changing yourself, attending to your inner world with such love and dedication that you truly do begin to experience the outer world in a new way. ThetaHealing BASIC DNA seminar is for anyone who wants to break out of the conditioning of fear and discover their inherent power to create health, happiness, love and abundance in their lives.

ThetaHealing Basic DNA allows us to create internal space, that enables us to be open to the energy and abundance of the Universe. We allow ourselves to return to our inner connection with the energy of life. This energy is the source of true abundance and manifestation.

Artificial Neural Network. Energy of positive thoughts going from the mind of a woman and illuminating her entire body with golden light

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”

Louis L’Amour

This is the seminar where you will learn about Life’s Program/Patterns and Belief levels. According to Bruce Lipton: Your life is a print out of your subconscious programs. Things that you like and that come easily to you in your life are there because you have a program that allows them to be there. In contrast anything that you have to work hard at, put a lot of effort into or anything you have to struggle for to make it happen, is a result of your programs NOT supporting that. When we change our subconscious programs and replace them with supporting beliefs, we witness transformation.

After taking the ThetaHealing BASIC DNA seminar, you will notice the key to life- there is a new beginning in every ending. You will begin to see the wisdom in endings and whatever has ended for you, it is just the beginning of your life at a new energetic frequency.

The most important person you can ever help is yourself.

Lead by example: work on yourself every day to reflect your inner brilliance in all you do. By removing what blocks your own growth, you can be FULLY present for your clients and loved ones!

By working on yourself, you will understand that your only limit is what YOU believe about yourself and your life. Every tough situation is an opportunity to become better, both personally and professionally.

Learning never stops, and that’s how a ThetaHealing practitioner becomes a master!

Basic DNA practitioner Seminar

Have you ever thought, “What if my problem doesn’t have a solution?”

The heart always desires peace and we often go looking for it in all the wrong places. This seminar will support you in creating a solid ground for yourself by understanding that the key to working with life’s difficulties is in learning how to let go and to trust our innate goodness.

It is important to remember that all the limiting patterns start in our life even before we are born. We have all had struggles with circumstances that seem beyond our control. We have all found ourselves in dark times that didn’t seem to have any solution. Once we look within us using our intuitive capability, we can see wisdom even in the most hopeless situations.

The only blockage that keeps you from the success you dream of is your own thinking.

This is a powerful self-healing modality, that reconnects you with the Pure Energy of the universe, and transforms the limited patterns, so you can realize the full potential of your life. In the ThetaHealing BASIC DNA seminar, we work on emotional healing which is a fundamental key to all physical, mental, and spiritual healing. When we dissolve the blockages of long-held emotional stress and trauma, we allow all our natural energy to flow more freely.

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Your mind, body, and heart function and react based on patterns learned in the past in response to stress, trauma, or other life circumstances. The energies of fear and stress are stored in the body and yet, this energy is the same as the energy of healing. In this seminar, we will learn that the key is to unlock the flow of energy that is stuck due to our unresolved emotions— to set it free so that healing, restoration, and transformation can begin.

Self-work through the ThetaHealing modality is a gift as we recognize the preciousness of who and what we are by simply leaning into kindness for, and curiosity about, ourselves. Our inner work gives us the courage to look within so that we can start to release what is no longer serving us and experience life in new ways.

If you are ready to start your inner transformation and healing journey which can open you up to the world of possibilities then the ThetaHealing® BASIC DNA seminar is the first step which builds the foundation of ThetaHealing by introducing the students to the technique.

ThetaHEALING basic dna seminar

Over a period of 4 days, in this course (online) you will learn:

  • Connection to the energy of the Creator of All that is
  • To access Theta Brain wave through Theta Meditation
  • How you can slowly dis-identify from our traumatic history without rejecting it
  • To trust yourself with discernment
  • Why we create things in our life and what we learn from it
  • ThetaHealing Principles and Techniques
  • How our sub-conscious mind creates beliefs and patterns based on our initial understanding of the world around us.
  • The levels of belief
  • How to change limiting beliefs and re-write your life
  • How to Improve your health, your business, your relationships with others, and yourself
  • The Power of Thoughts and Words
  • Free Agency and Co-creation
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Introduction to Feeling work
  • Clearing Resentment, Rejection, and Regret
  • Calling in Compatible Soul Mates
  • Understanding the Seven Planes of Existence
  • Introduction to manifesting in your life
  • Future readings
  • Balancing your moods and hormones and activating DNA
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This seminar is a powerful healing experience which also helps the students to process their suppressed inner emotions and unresolved traumas. This in turn supports them in recreating their reality and writing their own story.

The ThetaHealing® Basic DNA seminar is the first seminar to certify you as a ThetaHealing Practitioner. Many of our students use ThetaHealing both personally and professionally.

The Basic DNA, Advanced DNADig Deeper and You and the Creator are the four foundation seminars that will give you the main tools to start your practice as a ThetaHealer.

Duration 4 Days (Total 25.5 hours over 4 Days)
Pre-requisites None
Location Online LIVE via ZOOM (Class is NOT RECORDED and there is NO REPLAY).
Scholarships/Payment Plans Apply here (For payment plans please e-mail us at mindbodyspirit@quantamind.net)
Investment: $522
Which includes

  • Digital Practitioner Manual
  • ThetaHealing Practitioner E-Certificate from THInK USA.

Please note, that ThetaHealing Basic DNA Book is NOT included in the package. You will be provided links to purchase the book online in print or a digital copy on kindle.

Interpretation Services: Please note: Starting from 1st April 2021, we will be charging a small fee for interpretation services. If you have booked a course before this date, then you will not be charged for it.
(We must receive this request one month in advance)

The class will be conducted in English language, however, due to the large number of requests from our students from different parts of the world, we have added an interpretation facility to our classes. At Quanta Mind, we believe everyone must get an opportunity to learn the tools needed to re-write their own reality. Now you can relax and take the seminar in the language you are comfortable in, with our interpretation services.

Certification After the completion of the course, you will be certified as a ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Practitioner. This will allow you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.
Payment Online Payment via Credit Card/Debit Card, Direct Bank Transfer or Western Union Bank Transfer.

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