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Holistic Wellness

Welcome to Quanta Mind Holistic Wellness

It is not a coincidence that you are exploring the path of Wellness. You are ready to transform and reprogram your subconscious mind from the beliefs and feelings that are holding you back from happiness, love, and abundance. Explore the world of Holistic Wellness and dive into the miracles of your mind!

“Body and mind are not two separate entities. What happens in the body will have an effect on the mind and vice versa. Mind relies on the body to manifest, and body relies on mind in order to be alive, in order to be possible.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

From the book How to love.

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Mind Body Connection

There has been an increase in the levels of stress, tension, fear, and anxiety around the world. This has resulted in feelings of being more lonely, desperate and spiritually disconnected than ever.
Did you know that your mind and body hold the secrets to long life, health, healing and happiness? Our mind and body are interconnected. This has a direct impact on our immunity and increases health risks. To maintain a balance in our mind body connection, we must look towards wellness (which is a state of being in good health-physically, mentally and spiritually) holistically.

For better understanding, let’s look at the word Holistic Healing. The word Holistic comes from the philosophy of holism which means that the entirety of something must be considered instead of just considering its parts. Healing refers to a journey of change, connecting, restoring, relearning, unlearning, growing, strengthening, processing, reconciling, restoring and rejuvenating.

What Does Wellness Mean?
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In Holistic Wellness and Healing we look at an individual’s journey as a whole rather than as parts. You can have a healthy diet but you are not truly healthy if your life in general is not balanced. With Holistic Wellness you can learn to create that balance in your life and get rid of the feeling of loneliness, fear, lack, failure and anxiety. It can help you AWAKEN a life connected to deep meaning and improved health.

Our Aim

Our aim is to create a platform which helps individuals in their transition toward the life that they want as they move towards a transformational journey of self-love and self-belief. Through our Wellness programs, it is our mission to:

  • Create Awareness regarding Mind-Body Connection and the importance of Holistic Wellness and Healing.

  • Help people understand powerful revelations around their identity and individuality. This is all in hopes of helping them see their potential in a new light.

  • Increase individual’s ability to relax while recognizing in the present moment.

  • Improve our client’s ability to cope with stressful situations.

  • Help individuals release tensions and increase energy.
  • Cultivate skills in being present to bring more joy, creativity, and happiness into life.
  • Teach how to reprogram the subconscious mind to attract the ideas and steps needed to turn dreams into reality.
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Holistic Wellness Programs

They say to be human is to evolve. Quanta Mind is here to help you address the barriers that are stopping you from evolving and living your best life! We acknowledge the power of human mind and its capacity to keep on transforming and progressing.

With our Holistic Wellness Programs, trust us to be there for you to give you the appropriate support. Let us help you transition to the life that you want as you move towards a transformational journey of self-love and self-belief. We will respond to your needs diligently and transform them into a healing experience.

They say to be human is to evolve. Quanta Mind is here to help you address the barriers that are stopping you from evolving and living your best life! We acknowledge the power of human mind and its capacity to keep on transforming and progressing.

With our Holistic Wellness Programs, trust us to be there for you to give you the appropriate support. Let us help you transition to the life that you want as you move towards a transformational journey of self-love and self-belief. We will respond to your needs diligently and transform them into a healing experience.

Our Promise

We Promise to offer the following to Our Clients

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We Promise to Offer the following to Our Clients

Our Holistic Wellness Program Includes:


I am thankful for Sana’s Theta healing session. She asked the right questions in the right time, she was able to discover the patterns blocking me in reaching what I wanted to achieve and she clearly understood what was the problem. She brought a clarity to situations and was able to release blocking beliefs causing the same problem over and over again repeatedly. I felt safe and well with her voice and leading the whole session. Thank you for your help and I wish you all the best.

Denisa Deniska, Slovakia

Sana, in the two days of Manifesting and Abundance I learned so much. Your ability to connect with students and find them where they are is really commendable. After this course, I know I have work to do-a lot of it! But I am confident by applying what I have learned from you and this course, nothing can stop me from achieving my hearts desires. Thank you for your support

ThetaHealing Student, Message via WhatsApp

I am amazed at how you were able to remember almost every single detail during my healing session and class demo. I learned so much from you and I hope to continue learning more in future.

ThetaHealing Student, Message via WhatsApp

You exude hope and confidence. During you and the creator seminar, I could feel the energy and connection in every cell of my body. I mean it. Your teaching style is friendly, calm and relaxing! Thank You Sana, I got exactly what I needed and I am grateful to you.

ThetaHealing Student, Message via WhatsApp

Dear Sana just wanted to reach out and say a huge thank you again! The last three days were so wonderful. Im so glad I followed my intuition and did the class with you! it was very special to have it as a one on one. I love your calm blissful energy and your demeanor youre an inspiration of what I hope to be! I already have a few practice sessions lined up and Im feeling excited to continue practicing. Thank you so much again for helping me relight the confidence. will be in touch

Ms.Esser, Canada, Message via WhatsApp

I always enjoy your seminars. With the extra information, discussions, demos, practice sessions, your seminars are a complete healing and learning package. Thank you for teaching ThetaHealing in a fun and friendly way.

ThetaHealing Student, Message via Email

I am in the process of setting up my business and I found you at the right time. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for Manifesting and Abundance seminar. It is a great course and when combined with your entrepreneurial experience, it was the right guidance that I needed from the Creator.

ThetaHealing Student, Message via WhatsApp

Thank you to my healer Sana!! Went above and beyond, and so incredibly kind and warm. Thank you so much!! Bless you with all the good things in life!

Ms.Valdez, Philippines, Feedback via Virtual Healing Clinic

Thank you, Sana for our session! We got clear on my question, I felt safe and accepted. What was important to me, is your patience ? You are master ☀️? Keep doing this. I’m very glad to know you.

Valerija Homcenko, Latvia, via Facebook

A session with Sana was absolutely a blessing! ♥️ I have experience from having sessions and I knew that I challenged her as a patient with all the combined thoughts/emotions/issues coming up that I was expressing and SHE COULD REALLY FOLLOW. ? Kind, intuitive, lovely calming voice, trustworthy, amazing healer! I, TOTALLY, suggest you have a session with her for ANYTHING that you want to work on! Namaste, Sana ? I’m grateful ?

Alexandros Dapergolas, Greece, via Facebook

I want to thank you for introducing me to mindfulness which has been life changing for me. I have a long way to go ..but at least I have taken the first step to living a more wholesome and fulfilling life. My colleagues have also noticed a marked difference in my approach and have asked me if you could offer a session for them. You described things in a straightforward and understandable manner. You provided thoughtful responses to our never-ending queries. I think you were able to create a good balance of teaching, Q/A and practiceThank you and I wish you tons of successes. God bless you.

Participant, Introduction to Mindfulness 6 week Online Course

I loved your voice, it was soothing, calm, and relaxing! Just the tone of your voice and the way you spoke conveyed what mindfulness was all about. It was reassuring that forgiving still exists, specially forgiving your own self! I got the feel that the most important thing is to love and prioritize your own self, not the easiest thing to do, but one should keep trying and never give up. God Bless you.

Participant, Introduction to Mindfulness 6 week Online Course

I have known Sana for around 2 decades and I have closely seen her growth into a truly optimistic, grateful person who is in complete harmony with her inner self. She is an exemplary person who walks the talk and is therefore my go to person for all things “self improvement” and change for better.
She has taught me to practice meditation and mindfulness in my day to day routine tasks and I can safely say the experience has turned me into a better person. Her ‘No Judgement’, empathetic listening makes you confident to pour out your concerns, enabling you to find solutions to your problems all by yourself; and yet she is there to guide you all along. I highly recommend her services to everyone so that they can be a better version of themselves.

Ms.Jamshed, Jeddah , via Facebook

I booked a session to work on my allergies as I have suffered from this for years without being able to identify the source. It was my first experience with alternative therapy. I didn’t know what to expect during my first session but the healer immediately put me at ease by explaining the process and starting with a calming meditation. During the session, I was surprised to know that some of my own beliefs have been creating the allergies and they were really holding me back in certain areas of my life. By the end I felt energized, and I felt lightness in my body. The session had a very powerful effect on me. I HIGHLY recommend the experience!

Ms.Zamir, San Francisco, via Facebook

It was a very soothing session for me. I started off with anxieties and apprehensions but the complete experience left me very peaceful. I was able to make connections why things were happening and what effect they were causing which gave me a deep sense of understand myself in the current situation. My heart felt lighter and a certain amount of composure was felt inside me. Overall the experience was definitely fruitful.

Mrs.Tejani, Teacher, Karachi, via Facebook

Thank you Sana for such beautiful healing. I slept peacefully last night. Now it seems that I cleared a major chunk of resentment from my life during the session.

Client Feedback, Canada, via WhatsApp

After our session, potential buyers reappeared asking how everything is going to be managed due to covid-19. I feel after our belief sessions, I have started manifesting things in my life the way I always wanted to.

Client Feedback, Sharjah, via WhatsApp

Sana, you did an excellent job of explaining and clarifying points if they were not clear to us. you were well prepared for the class and responded with respect to everyone. Thank you for introducing me to mindfulness.

Participant, Introduction to Mindfulness 6 week Online Course

I was quite pleasantly surprised with the ease with which you shared the information and I was encouraged to practice and ask questions back and forth. I love how you were able to encourage me to start small and persevere do it as a practice every day. Grateful for the opportunity and learnings. Thank you so much.

Participant, Introduction to Mindfulness 6 week Online Course

The course was quite refreshing and very different from what we follow as norms. It worked well. The fact that you emphasized non judgement again and again is refreshing.

Participant, Introduction to Mindfulness 6 week Online Course

What I liked about your teaching style was the comfort level that it gave all the students to discuss and ask questions. It helped a lot in developing in-depth understanding of many topics. Moreover, your ability to explain topics through stories also helped in understanding. This encouraged us to share our personal experiences openly and enabled collective learning. We understood a lot from our shared experiences.

Participant, Introduction to Mindfulness 6 week Online Course

I am the admin of a group named as “Asian moms – UK based”. A few months back, after reading one of the posts on Facebook, I contacted Sana to speak to the members of my group on a topic that will be beneficial for them. She accepted my invitation and together we chose the topic for her LIVE talk. She kept me in loop through out the planning phase and I loved the way she kept everything well organized before time. Her talk on Holistic Parenting was well received in my FB group, she delivered crisp content and gave everyone actionable advice that can be easily implemented. I feel that in one hour she gave a valuable message to all the moms which was focused on the importance of self-care, healing and its role in being not only excellent but an ideal parent for our children. Through her session, I, too learned some valuable holistic parenting tips and tricks and I implement them daily in my life. Thank you Sana for your time and for your valuable contribution to my group. Highly appreciated and recommended.

Rubina Samad, UK, via Facebook

Your pace was excellent! You didnt try to crowd too much in. I especially enjoyed the afternoon with the longer meditations. You knew your material and presented it in a clear way.

Connie Daniel, Mindfulness Retreat Participant

I felt a lot of warmth and enthusiasm from you for the subject. I enjoyed the power points and the break out rooms.

Lotta, Mindfulness Retreat Participant

Sana you were absolutely wonderful. That was a lot of information and a very
challenging topic-forgiveness. I think that doing the retreat format for this topic was a brilliant
idea because it allowed people to sit mindfully and settle with the information and practice. This
gave participants the opportunity to experience opening their hearts and minds to the possibility
of forgiveness and the benefits. Your teaching style was both informative and warm. You created a welcoming atmosphere for sharing in both small and larger group settings. You also validated the sharing
of participants.

Courtney, Mindfulness Retreat Participant

Quanta Mind Holistic Wellness does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by Quanta Mind is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. We acknowledge the importance of medical care therefore you should not take any action before consulting with your healthcare professional or your therapist. Our vision is to help you bring your biggest dream into reality. We cannot, and do not, make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with ideas, information, tools or strategies discussed in or part of consultations/sessions. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others. That said, please know that we only recommend programs that we truly believe in, and happily share with friends and family. We believe in you, and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life by guiding you towards methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream.

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