Sharing life's journey with those who matter

Sharing life’s journey with those who matter

“Your inner circle is a reflection of your values, your beliefs, and your character. Choose it wisely and invest in it consistently.”

John C. Maxwell

ThetaHealing Growing Your Relationships 3

ThetaHealing Growing Your Relationships 3

Your relationships form the very fabric of your life, influencing your happiness, success, and personal growth.

The people around you can have a major impact on your mental, physical and emotional health.

Have you ever wondered how you can cultivate deeper

Have you ever wondered how you can cultivate deeper, more meaningful connections with those in your life?

Not everyone in our life deserves to be in our inner circle.

Inner Circle is a sacred space and creating it requires an exploration of the profound and intricate web of human connections in our life.

Imagine your life as a canvas, with each relationship adding a unique color and texture. One of the ways to create boundaries in our life is to re-evaluate our relationships and assign them in:

  • Outer Circle
  • Middle Circle
  • Inner Circle

In ThetaHealing You and Your Inner Circle Seminar, you will reflect on and then re-evaluate your relationships to place them in appropriate circle of relationships. They include:

Family, Friendship


  • The foundational bonds that shape our earliest experiences.
  • They can be in your Middle, Outer or Inner Circle.


  • The companions who walk with us on our journey, sharing laughter and offering a listening ear.
  • Not all friends are a part of our Inner Circle. It is okay to keep some of them in your Middle, or Outer Circle.


  • The dance of heart and soul that sparks passion and intimacy.
  • Uncover the layers that make your romantic relationship unique and fill the gaps.


  • The collaborative spirits who join us in our professional endeavors.
  • Develop tools to navigate disagreements with grace and respect.
  • In a world that thrives on digital interactions, nurturing authentic connections has never been more crucial.
  • A wonderful part of ThetaHealing You and Your Inner Circle seminar is to understand the Mind Stage Developments to recognize who we attract and Why.
Duration 2 Days (Total 12 hours over 2 Days)
Pre-requisites Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper
Location Online LIVE via ZOOM (Class is NOT RECORDED and there is NO REPLAY)
Investment: $495  (to be paid in PKR currency)


  • Digital Practitioner Manual
  • Digital Questionnaire by THInK USA
  • ThetaHealing Practitioner E–Certificate from THInK USA
Language: The class will be conducted in English language,
Certification: After the completion of the course, you will receive Practitioner Certificate for ThetaHealing Inner Circle Seminar . This will allow you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.
Payment: Online Payment via 3D secure Credit/Debit Card, Direct Bank Transfer or Western Union Bank Transfer.

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