In this fast paced world, it is easy to live every day on an auto-pilot without thinking about our wellness and mindfulness. Following a routine gives us a sense of being in control of our life, but are we truly in control?

Life has been more uncertain recently than ever before, it is natural to feel scared or stuck.


In order to move towards personal transformation, the most important thing is to have clarity in life. Without clarity it is difficult to make good choices. The important thing at the end of the day is to have clarity on big questions such as:

  • Are you living your life to the fullest?
  • Did you do what your heart is telling you to do?
  • Do you even know what your heart wants?
  • Did you follow your dreams and pursuit of happiness and fulfillment?
  • Did you give back to others?
  • Were you kind and generous to others?

If your answer to above questions is not making you happy, then do not worry. It is time to focus on finding the solutions to our problems in life.

Mindfulness solution

When we truly know our self, we can gain complete clarity in life. Our true identity is masked by the limitations that we create for our-self. These limitations keep us from living the life of our dreams.

Wellness Programs

Path to Wellness & Mindfulness: Beyond the Limiting Beliefs

Discover yourself by going beyond the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your own empowerment. Fulfill your true potential, and actively engage in your own healing and spiritual development by choosing our Holistic Wellness Programs. We assure you- you will find one program that fulfill your needs.

Quanta Mind’s Holistic Wellness consultation goes beyond an exercise program or healthy living. We offer a way of life and the will to see the world from a new perspective with love and compassion. We are Pakistan’s first Organization offering Theta Healing courses and consultations around the World. Our Holistic Wellness Program includes:

1. ThetaHealing® Consultation

2. Mindfulness Consultation

Choose your own Wellness and live your life with a new Focus, Meaning and Vision.